Hello world!

Dear Readers,

About 7 months ago I had an idea to do a blog instead of a mass email for my trip to Cambodia.  I thought of the pros: people could access when they wanted; I would have comments archived; I could easily add pictures.  I also thought of the cons: it would be much more public; I would have to protect identity of my clients, office, and university; some people I am close to would need to learn how to blog (good job Mom!); and I didn’t know if people would read it.

Six months ago I took the plunge and started a public blog about being a social worker in Cambodia.  Now, there is no turning back.  I found that people who wanted to read did.  I got comments. I met new people (Hi John, Hi Mongkol, Hi Heather, Hi Mombian). Heck, I even got a really nice letter from the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism about my blog. Although I have gotten some negative comments on my blog, for the most part people have been friendly and a friend pointed out that if I am upsetting people enough that they feel the need to comment, then I am probably doing something right.

But the blog was Cambodia specific…. Therefore I am opening this one which I will keep for as long as I decide to keep a blog.  I am hoping to keep up the old political, human rights, and human trafficking commentary, while perhaps adding in some more fun stuff along the way.

Thanks for coming over!




  1. I like the new layout–what a fun photo! You may have inspired me to start a blog while I am in Guinea 🙂 though I’m still not sure how much internet access I’ll have there…

  2. Thanks guys!

    Sharyn– it would be great if you had a blog in Guinea. I would read it. Also, with lots of the sites– they are really pretty easy and user friendly. If you have any questions, shoot me an email!

    Jason- Yes, add a new link. Also, keep up your blog. I am gonna miss it!

    Erin– Well, this one feels more permanent if I can just get people to read it.

    Dad- Thanks.

  3. Yay! New blog! Congrats on reboot, it looks good!
    Weblog summit in the works in Camboland, will keep you posted! Hang in there with the big move!
    – J

  4. Hi!
    I think that is very nice. We can learn a little more about you and not just your place(s) and cause(s)!


    On another note, I thought the squid dish looked appealing until I read that it is squid. I am still wondering how I feel about that. Maybe someday someone will slip me a bite and I’ll be all “Yum what is this?!!” Ya think?

  5. Hi Heather.

    Glad you like the new format. As for the squid— do you like seafood? I know it is a little unusual, but if you like seafood, you might really like it. Squid is actually one of my very favorite types. And this particular dish was extra yummy.

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