6th list of 10: Blogging as a form of communication

6th list of 10: Blogging as a form of communication, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

As I started my 101 entry, I thought I should do something fun. Inspired by Polly, I have decided to make 10 lists of 10; here is number 6.

  1. Talk to people back home.
  2. Meet new people with similar interests.
  3. Create community–this is referenced in the picture above. This drawing was done by John when during my last night out on the town party. Arriving alone, he ended up sitting next to my friend Steph, who is deaf. After exhausting his sign language skills, they started witting and proceeded to have a lively conversation for the rest of the evening. This is a remnant of one of the pieces of witting– blogging means instant connection.
  4. Share pictures.
  5. Talk about important issues both to a wider audience and things that are weighing on your mind.
  6. An anonymous space to express your thoughts– although my blog is hardly anonymous, some people do prefer it that way.
  7. Space to educate others. Plus the more blogs there are out there on different issues, the less space (percentage wise) of the world wide net is filed with porn.
  8. The archiving of peoples comments is great to have record of and ability to go back to.
  9. For forgetful people, blogging is great because of the archiving system.  This way they can look back and see what was said.  Kind of like having a court transcriptionist follow you around, but not nearly as costly or intrusive.
  10.  Unlike phone or even mass emails, it is always around and people, friends, family, can visit your site on their own timetable.

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