4th of 10: Favorite foods I eat in Cambodia (not all necessarily Cambodian)

As I start my 101 entry, I thought I should do something fun. Inspired by Polly, I have decided to make 10 lists of 10, here is list 4.

  1. Amok- quintessential Cambodian food that I love. Made of white fish (usually catfish) in a red curry, coconut milk, and egg. Steamed in a banana boat or 1/2 a coconut.
  2. Rambutan- the funniest looking fruit I have ever seen, but also among the tastiest.
  3. Strawberry stuffed French Toast with a Ladybug freezer (watermelon juice with mint and lime) from Java cafe.
  4. Anything from Le Rit’s because it is always yummy (they have a 5 dollar set menu lunch that changes daily but comes with a starter, main meal and dessert (you get a choice from 2 of each).  Also, they are a good organization and cause to support.
  5. Indian food at my colleague’s house.
  6. Fresh juice from Two Fish
  7. Avocado and shrimp salad or Baked goat cheese salad from Elsewhere. Also, best drinks in town (fresh juice with vodka, rum, or gin)
  8. Desserts from Blue Pumpkin in Siem Riep.
  9. Large prawns, pretty much anywhere, but best at Two Dolphins in Sihanokville.
  10. Palm sugar juice (bought for 25 cents on any street corner).

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