The car: A play in two acts


M- a young Canadian who works for a UN agency

G- her mechanic, a local bloke


Somewhere in Phnom Penh outside M’s apartment and inside her car, a 1990s Toyota.

Act 1:

M runs through the rain and into her car. She turns the key. Nothing happens. She turns the key again. Again nothing. 

M makes a phone call.

M: My car won’t start. I must have left the lights on. Can you come now? I really need to get to work.

G- (voice from offstage) Be right over.

Time passes and M fixes her hair. She stares out the window at the light rain. G arrives.

G- Can you pop the hood.  Let’s see whats going on.

Pop sound as hood opens.

G- Yep, I see the problem.

M gets out of car and takes a look.


Once the hood is open it is clear that M’s battery has been stolen.


Act II:

A couple weeks later. M runs out of her apt to her car. It is night and she is going to meet friends. She gets in the car and turns the key. Nothing. She tries again. Nothing. M gets out of the car and pops the hood. 

M- SH*T (as she opens the hood to revel that the battery has again been stollen)


*** Note this play is based on a true story***


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