Hyphen usage

I am finishing up a manual that is going to print before I leave Cambodia (no I did not author it, but I have worked a lot on it).  So, it went to a graphic designer to fix the final odds and ends (for example, because the text is justified, at some places the spacing got weird).  Today I got back the sample from the designer… and it is driving me batty!  To fix the spacing problem, he just threw in a hyphen haphazardly so that the text would wrap.  Here are some examples of why my head is spinning:

  • gro-wing
  • ch-ildren
  •  chil-d’s
  • ano-ther
  • howev-er
  • assig-ned

*** This is definitely one of those posts where I wish I was embellishing to make the post more interesting.  But these are actual examples found over the course of the first 2 chapters (and not all the mistakes and there are 10 chapters plus appendices).



  1. Are you talking about a native speaker? I imagine I would do much worse if I was trying to typeset in a language not my own. But what about using a dictionary?

  2. Admittedly, the guy is probably not a native speaker. But he would speak some English or could use a dictionary. Also, I was told it was “ready for print” and only my own neuroses (and that of the woman I am working with) compelled me to go over the text word for word again.

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