Photo Wednesday: Synergy

Synergy, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Today I am starting a new tradition on my blog: Photo Wednesday. Photo Wednesday will consist of every Wednesday me sharing a picture I have taken or that has been taken of me that I feel should be shared. It might be shared because it makes a statement. It might be shared because I find it beautiful. It might be shared for a million reasons, but in general, those reasons will not be written with it. At most a line or two. The idea is that the photo is central. Today I kick it off with this photo which I call Synergy.

Per request photos will now include a little info including who is in them and when where they were take. Synergy: take in Jaipur, India. Subject: Asia.



  1. You could probably put together an exposition or an illustrated publication of your experiences with little difficulty. Some very wonderful shots of humanity. Perhaps that is an extension you engage in, because with such misery we can and often inflict upon one another, there are jewels and areas of wonder in the human spirit, if we take the time to step back and look.

  2. I’m baaack. Miss me? I’ve missed you. Love the pictures love catching up. Let me know when you get to Chile and can talk 🙂

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