Girl meets world

Interestingly enough, I came on to write about the anonymity or lack there of as an internet blogger. As I usually do before any post I am composing in my head is put to screen, I read everyone else’s blogs (well the ones i read daily at least) to get me in the right mind frame. Liza’s post could not have been more on target.

It was bound to happen– I mean, my readership does seem to be increasing. Yup, mum and dad are no longer my core audience (although I do believe they continue to hold front row season tickets). I have been welcoming people to my blogs from many fronts, including: Mombian, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, blogher, Mongkol (a Cambodian Fulbright in Boston) and Liza’s loyal readership. Not to mention all the people I have harassed into reading. But it happened yesterday.

What happened you asked? And why am I blogging about it? And why so much build up? Well, to answer your questions, in no particular order. I am blogging because it was a first for me. I have build up because, let’s face it, it makes for a better blog. And, “it” is– I was recognized in the real world for my presence in the blog world. John recognized me! Not only that, but he could tell me about myself (or at least the info in the blurb on the left side of the page). Anyways, not sure how I will feel long term about this lack of anonymousness– but for now, I just thought it was neat!



  1. It looks like John isn’t ready to give up his anonymity — I got a “you don’t have the right to access this server” error when I clicked on the link. 🙂

    The first “stranger in real life” meeting is so odd! It turns out that one of my neighbors had been reading my blog for months before we met. One day Noah and I were out for a walk while he was walking his dog. Since DOG! is a major source of excitement, of course I said hello. And when I introduced myself, my neighbor explained that he already knew me and Noah, because he reads my blog.

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