Aclimation (Top Five List)

Top five things that tell me I am acclimating to Cambodia (possibly too much):

5.   If my delivery order drink (including hot tea) shows up in a plastic bag, I can open the bag and pour it into a cup without spilling or burning myself.

4.   Last night as I went to bed I set my air conditioning to 85 degrees without even thinking about it.

3.   If I see women wearing shorts, I look a second time to see if they really are.

2.   I have stopped checking to see if my ice has a whole in the middle (whole in the middle is a clear sign of ice that is made hygienically, as opposed to being chunked off a huge block with a hammer.

1.   If my moto driver decides NOT to go the wrong way down a one way street, I argue that he should because it’s faster.


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