Weapon or tasty treat?

Durian, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

It is my humble opinion that food should never be used as a weapon. It should only hurt us if we accidentally eat too much because it is so yummy and irresistible.

These are durian. Most westerners do not eat them because they can’t get beyond the way they smell. Putrid. In fact, you are not allowed to carry them on the bus with you as the smell disturbs other passengers. They, if eaten, actually quite sweet I am told. Personally, I have yet to eat durian the fruit, although I do like durian flavored cookies (without smell of course).

The fruit, however, does have a darker usage. Aparently, they are used to punish children. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but they are actually quite large, about the size of someone’s head. Teachers have been know to place a durian in the corner and force a misbehaving child to knell on it as punishment. The spikes are quite sharp and will cut the child.

The punishment is akin to old-school catholic nuns rasping the knuckles of a child with a ruler. Only, in this case, I am afraid the child might get a pavlovian response to hate fruit.


  1. I am planning on trying at some point, although I was told by my tutor last night that I won’t like them. They are the same family as the jack fruit which last night I decided I do not like either.

  2. Hei Clare.
    Looks quite nasty looking fruit and they remind of the cactus in Israel that looks like this but is very sweet and refreshing inside. Take care. Rii

  3. I have had it and it isn’t as bad as it looks. I does taste like onions, which is strange when you are expecting something sweet. I must admit, its’ reputatution can lead to an anti-climatic experience. Enjoy!

  4. durian are soooooooooo good. during my failed 4 month experiment as a raw vegan they were one of my favorite treats. the only problem is i had to eat them on the porch and never bring them inside or the whole house would smell like stinky feet.

  5. Yes, if allowed I would definately use them in class…if the students fail to answer or arent on task, they will have to sit on them…or eat them depending on my mood…I bet their motivation would improve by leaps and bounds…

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