Great News

This is probably just interesting to those of you who know me in real life, but for me its huge.  Pending medical and research clearance, my Fulbright application has been accepted!  I am moving back to Chile at the end of the summer and working on my dream job: researching the risk of street children to be trafficked.

Por los de uds. que no me conocen, a lo mejor esto no sera interesante.  Pero para mi– esto es increíble.  La Programa de Fulbright haya aceptado mi propuesta y, si es que paso el chequeo medico y consigo permisión a hacer investigaciones, en agosto estaré devuelta a Chile y tendré el trabajo de mis sueños: investigando el riesgo que corren niños de la calle a ser traficados.


  1. Hi that`s so great. I am glad that things worked out this way. Todo pasa por algo.. jajajja
    A big huge


  2. Thanks Eric and Liza.

    Gracias Papi, Negro, Sarah (y Jo in absentia), y Love. I am so excited.

    And Lore, thank you for all the help on the translations and affiliation papers!

  3. hey clare,

    it’s been awhile since i checked your blog, but i was just reading down through your posts and saw this. congratulations!! i recently got final notification of my approval (pending med stuff and all that too). maybe we’ll be featured in the next GWB magazine. 🙂 by the way, where did you end up and get all of your shots before cambodia? i remember there being a lot of drama around that issue and i’m going to need to update some of my immunizations…

  4. Sharyn!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for you. Wow– this year GWB got 100% of Fulbright applicants accepted. I can’t wait to hear how your project goes. (And I hope your medical clearance is easier then mine is– the doing it in Cambodia presents some complications).

    As for shots, you should go to the Visiting Nurse Association. They will get everything figured out for you (and don’t trust anything that the health center tells you).

  5. Felicidades! Y buena buena suerte! Espero que mantengas un Blog cuando estes en Chile tambien. Me gustaria saber lo que haces alli tambien. Que bien! Que Bien!

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