Convictions, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Over the past couple weeks, there has been a huge trial here in Cambodia on human trafficking (see press release below). The defendants were two German men, one Vietnamese man, and two Vietnamese woman. I knew people who attended the trial and were appalled by the overwhelming evidence of child molestation, trafficking, etc. While I was very happy that the people were all sentenced, I can’t help but wonder if this was more a media show. What about all the others? What about when its not commercial sex tourism, but it is all locals involved. I mean, yes, prosecution needs to happen and I am glad when it does– but it needs to happen more! Here is a little bit of information on prosecutions and convictions for human trafficking around the world.

Press Release



  1. I thought of you yesterday while reading an article in a free progressive weekly called “Epoch Times,” here in San Francisco. The article was called “Slavery Still Persists in 21st Century” and addressed the fact that human trafficking still operates like slavery in many countries around the world. The problem I noticed with the article (thanks to your posts on the topic) was that it seemed to focus the majority of its attention on sex trafficking, and much less on the other forms of trafficking. The article pointed that that slavery affects 2.4 million women, children and men around the world, but then said, “thousands of women trafficked from around the globe are forced into a life of sex slavery and prostitution,” and then, “Even in Britain…the gov’t estimates that upwards of 4,000 women and children live as sex slaves.” Nothing else in the brief article even mentions men and non-sex related women “slaves,” but instead gives seveal more examples of sex and child slavery. I’m glad that I have been keeping up on your posts to be able to notice such negligence. Like you have said, why isn’t the trafficking of men to work in menail jobs without pay, or without much pay, enough to cause an outrage? Why does sex has to be involved in order for people to be appalled? In any case, keep up the posts, please. I am learning so much by reading them!

  2. Yay! It is so nice to hear that I am helping to educate people as opposed to just writing into the void that is the internet. It is exactly that type of article that makes me conflicted. On the one hand, at least the issue is getting out there. On the other had, what about all the men and women not in the sex trade. Do you know, some countries laws about trafficking only make it illegal to traffic women or children. This is because they don’t realize men can be trafficked. The downside is that once cases where men are trafficked, they may not get justice, or even services, because the law does not cover them!

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