In the end, the weather cooperated

Clare, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

The weather managed to hold out and I had an amazing trip to the beach. Sihanoukville is about 4 hours south of Phnom Penh and on the Gulf of Thailand. We stayed at this cute little mom and pop guest house that was on one of the further beaches. It was fabulous in that it wasn’t overrun by tourists or bars. The beach was just steps away from the bungalows with warm, clear, beautiful waters (and a few jellyfish). The seafood was tasty and plentiful as the mom was a great cook. There was a slight mix-up on the rooms. We were 8 people (so 4 rooms), but we had called separately. Rita had called and asked for 2 and I had called and asked for 2. With limited Khmer and English skills some of the lines may have gotten crossed. The place only had 4 rooms to begin with so there was not a lot of room for error. The first night we had all 4 rooms, but the second night 2 rooms had been given away to someone else. That being said, it worked out perfectly. There were no mosquitoes on the beach and lots of hammocks and beach benches to sleep on. So, the second night, 3 people choose to sleep inside, while the other 5 of us camped out under the stars near the water.

I really don’t think that speaking is going to help me explain how great the weekend was, so I guess all I have left to do is send you to look at the pictures!


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