Peace Corps Moldova

Peace Corps Moldova, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

The world is a small place. This old adage is gaining more truth as technology grows. But, even beyond that, I would say that Peace Corps makes the world a small place. Since leaving Peace Corps, I have met volunteers that I knew in Moldova over a year later, by chance, in a small bar in Croatia. I also have had a Moldova volunteer, who came after I left, show up at my place of work and school (Hi Darcie). She even knew of me.

Then I came to Cambodia. Here I met up with my old Peace Corps director, who is now running a program here, another Peace Corps volunteer from my group in Moldova who was visiting, and another person I knew from Moldova when I was a volunteer (she is now in Kosovo). Saturday night I went out to dinner with these people and some of the new Peace Corps staff and PC staff families (all returned volunteers). We had Russian food, which was appropriate considering the large Moldova representation at the table.

Over the course of the meal, I was speaking with several other people at the table about their Peace Corps experiences. It turns out that one of the guys served in Thailand with my friend Kelley from school. See? Small world!



  1. I was actually kind of sad that there was no mamaliga. Although the food was fabulous. (not nearly as greasy as the village food– think nice Moldovan meal in the Chisnau). It was nice to see Van and Molly and the others too.

  2. i don’t know where this comment is going to go, i’m just sending it b/c i saw my name on your blog (incorrectly spelled, mind you) and thought i’d send you a “HEY!” may your day be delicious!

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